"Wow! I’m gonna tweet the crap out of this." -the guy sitting next to me in the theater immediately following Guardians of the Galaxy.

I thought Caranthir was finished but then I remembered it needs a collar.

This is pretty much how every single one of my costumes goes.

Caranthir: shitty flash photos of tonight’s unironed progress!

Shirt: gold-green silk jacquard edged with red silk piping.  Still needs some basic sleeves, a mandarin collar, and lacing on the back of the peplum.

Jerkin: red cotton velvet with purple leather and silver silk trim on sleeves; silk (red, gold, silver) and leather (brown, black, purple) plastron with bronze buttons.  Done except for weathering.

Sash: brown and silver silk with black leather and glass beads.  Done.

Still needs: brown bouclé shoulder cape, maybe some leather greaves.  Not pictured: leather (brown, purple) and silk (red, gold) bracers; gold silk pants.



Nicknamed “The Eye of Sauron” by astronomers, this young star has a ring making it look like Tolkien’s Dark Lord


It’s only taken me about two years to get this far.


Light tan pants?
I feel like that would look weird next to the cream though….

It would really depend on the exact colors.  I wear tan/gold silk pants with my cream Glorfindel tabard and it works.