Dragon*Con 2013: Saturday

Also known as “the day I forgot I had a camera”!  (No really: apart from some shittier alternate versions of these same pictures, I have no other pictures.  And two of these were taken on my phone.  Not even on my camera.  What the actual hell.)

1 - 2) Saturday morning, Loki and Olive went to the dealer’s room.  On the way back, we found a bird man!  Deal was, if you gave him money, he put parrots on you.  We gave him $5 and got all the parrots!  Fact: parrots are deceptively heavy.  They smell like a larger version of the common budgie.

3) Sherlock meetup.  Somebody put a very pretty flower crown on my head.  It made me wish I had my own flower crown.

4) It’s becoming a thing: whenever I go to a con as Stuttgart Loki, nachos happen.  Also: taking a shitty phone picture when Stuttgart Loki nachos happen.  (Please ignore my ridiculous T-Rex arms; I have no idea what’s going on here.)

5) Many hours and absolutely no photos later, the Middle-earth Retro Dance Party happened.  In the beginning I had my whole Avengers Loki getup on with all the correct armor pieces and everything, but ditched most of it within an hour.  This other Loki I met didn’t seem to mind, and you know you can trust her opinion because she’s worthy of wielding Mjölnir.

6) You dwarves CAN party with Thranduil!

Stuttgart/Avengers Party Loki - hellofeanor
Olive - sashaforthewin
Party Thranduil - elrohare

(Others - if you have a tumblr, let me know and I’ll tag you.)

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